Friday, 27 April 2012

Rodney Collins.


PLAYLIST FROM AUGUST 18 - now playing on more radio stations than ever before!
Gold/Frank Sinatra Orchestra (Capitol,. 1956 from 'Tone Poems Of Color')
Kisses sweeter than Wine/Frankie Vaughan (Philips, 1957)
Rain in Spain/Vera Lynn and Pete Murray (Decca,1958)
Solitaire/Nina Simone (Colpix-US,1959)
Dreamin/Johnny Burnette (London, 1960)
Lovely way to spend an Evening/Carla Thomas (Atlantic, 1961)
Walkin back to Happiness/Helen Shapiro (Columbia, 1961)
SHOW TUNE: As long as he needs Me/Georgia Brown (Decca, 1961 from 'Oliver!')
Orange blossom Special/Spotnicks (Oriole, 1962)
Two Silhouettes/Del Shannon (London,1963)
Summer Holiday/Cliff Richard & The Shadows (Columbia, 1963)
Her girl dont bother Me/Tams (ABC Paramount-US,1964)
No particular place to Go/Chuck Berry (Pye International,1964)
There's something about You/The Zephyrs (Columbia, 1964)
Price of Love/Everly Brothers (WB, 1965)
Walk hand in Hand/Gerry & The Pacemakers (Columbia, 1965)
Princess in Rags/Gene Pitney (Stateside, 1965)
Sunny/Bobby Hebb (Philips,1966)
Distant Drums/Jim Reeves (RCA, 1966)
Paper Sun/Traffic (Island,1967)
Surround yourself with Sorrow/Cilla Black (Parlophone,1969 see below)
Wade in the Water/Ramsey Lewis Trio (Chess, 1972 recorded in 1966)
Rubber Bullets/10cc (UK, 1973)
Magic/Pilot (EMI, 1974)
If I can't have you all to Myself/Gilbert O'Suyllivan (MAM,1977)
Rivers of Babylon/Boney M (Hansa-Atlantic, 1978)
Everything happens to Me/Frank Sinatra (Reprise, 1981)
Rolling Home/Status Quo (Vertigo, 1986)
HAVE YOU HEARS THIS ONE: Moon River/Mary Black (Grapevine, 1987 from the album 'By The Time It Gets Dark')
Copperhead Road/Steve Earle (MCA,1988)
All the Way/Elaine Paige & Michael Bolton (Warners, 2010 from 'Elaine Paige & Friends')
Still searching for that heart of Gold/Terence Blacker (see )

(opening theme is Bondage by Opus 1 ; closing theme is Man of Mystery by Steve Stannard)

Are you a Gene Pitney fan? - he's in the show most weeks but we have a weekly one-hour programme 'Gene Pitney And Friends' on nine radio stations(six in the UK  - see  details below). A Facebook page has been set up to support the programme, take requests and for information on the artist you won't find published elsewhere. It's a closed group so you need to apply to join The Gene Pitney Show

From a new label to me, SFE, comes a clutch of Cilla Black releases. I think the best of the bunch offers Cilla's 1969 'Surround Yourself With Cilla' LP and the mid-70's release 'It Makes Me Feel Good'. We're playing a track from one of the re-mix albums this week. The liner notes include a 2009 interview with Cilla, too. 

Far less successful in the UK - Timi Yuro - is the subject of a new Jasmine release. She's remembered for 'Only Love Can Break a Heart' but this new release - 'The Lost 60's Recordings' - includes the superb track 'Interlude', probably making its CD debut. 

Really good set from the Monkees issued by Rhino. All nine albums from 'Meet The Monkees' through to 'Changes' in 1970 - plays start next month - all CD's in the original sleeves, too. And there's a bonus CD, too, with later recordings. 

Between 1959 and 1964 Nina Simone recorded for Colpix Records in the States and now Stateside Records - part of Warner Music Group - issue a double CD of her singles for the label. My favourite track is the stunning 'Solitaire; recorded in 1959, often on our playlist.

A while back, ZONE RECORDS issued a double CD of a classic Rod McKuen London concert and now there is a second release containing tracks from his BBC-TV series in the early 1970's. The liner notes tell the story behind the TV specials. This is a superb collection.

I always look forward to the CD compilations from ACE RECORDS and they always bring surprises. Take Jon Savage's 1965 collection for instance.  You have artists you'd expect to see - Marianne Faithfull, Yardbirds, Manfred Mann etc but there are some surprises, like the inclusion of 'I've Got Mine' which missed the charts for the Small Faces - and lesser knows tracks by The Poets, The Seeds & The Sonics. A well thought-out collection. From the same label comes 'Baby I've Got It - More Motown Girls' - we feature a track this week by the Marvelettes.


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